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What’s new with Frankbooks?

Until now, e-books have mostly been text documents/stories converted into PDFs.

This means that they miss out on the multimedia opportunities offered by tablet PCs such as the Apple iPad.

By contrast, Frankbooks provides additional features such as photos, videos and links on each page, giving the reader a variety of new and exciting insights into the book. The author is thus able to present his story in a totally unique, colorful way that creates another thrilling level of storytelling.

Using the integrated Facebook connection, the author can establish new characters or different points of view commenting on his actual story.

Readers can also interact with the author, a character in the story or other users via this online connection. It’s like having a global book club inside each Frankbook, accessible 24/7.

In addition, a character from a Frankbook story can start an independent life on Facebook, leaving the original story behind and entering his or her own virtual reality. Readers are free to follow and interact with the character for as long as they want.

Of course, if some of this doesn’t appeal to you, you can read a Frankbook like a normal e-book, too!

And this is just the beginning:

With every new gadget Apple adds to its iPad series, Frankbooks will offer new ways of consuming e-books and continuously expand the user experience.

We believe that reading plain texts will become a thing of the past!

Have fun!